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Busted!! Boy Asking Girl For ___

Hello Guys, So few days back i was browsing youtube and landed on this video.
I thought it couldnt be possible in India to make this kind of prank.. Going beyond the limit. So i watched this video and what i got was shocking.
I checked other videos of this channel and then i checked the views he is getting..
Wohoo!! this guy has real brain.

So guys what i found was there was nothing like that , the boy didnt asked any stranger for sex , yet he asked a girl from his team..
Not the poster is like "Girl asking Boys For Sex" ,
title is "Boy Asking Girl.." and the content is far from both of the title.

I checked other pranks of this channel and i got to know he is doing same thing for each and every video.
He made videos like Seducing girl where you can only see is a boy is getting harassed , Yet this guy has millions of views in some of his videos.
This guy is using his brain Seriously. hahhahah.

Must watch his Gold Digger prank which u can easily get to know that is scripted.Bye.

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