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Carryminat Next Bhuvan Bam Of India

Hello, This post is all about Ajey Nagar also known as CarryMinati OR CarryDeol . A 17 year old boy is becomming famous these days , he has a channel named CarryMinati where he posts his Roast Videos.

Well why we are comparing him with Bhuvan Bam is because in 1 year this little kid had touched 2.7 Lakh subscribers which means he really have a good growth rate as same as like BB he dont need to invest much while making these videos.
What he need is a video which he could roast and a good Mike.

Ajey also have invested on a channel named Nazar Battu which is also from Delhi .
I imagine how many channels are been launched from delhi , It seems every second guy from delhi has a Youtube Channel.
Althoug what Ajey do is new to India because of the Game Playing videos he use as fillers during commentary.
People need time to accept this kind of concept but it wont take him much time to rich 1M subscriber .

Cheers For this Young Youtuber.

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