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M.S Dhoni - A Movie Everyone Should Watch

Hello guys,
Yesterday M.S Dhoni - The Untold Story was released and i was quite excited to watch this movie not because i m a big fan of cricket , well believe me i m those who dont like cricket , i just have watched few cricket matches and have seen how Dhoni manages the whole game. So , i just wanted to know his success story.

The story starts from his childhood where he used to play football and then switches to cricket. Sushant Rajput has shown a really good acting in the movie and have copied Mahis style very well. As every bollywood movie this movie also have some romantic scene but you wont be disappointed as the whole story moves around his life , how he becam a cricket player and how he won the world cup .

So i will recommend you guys to go on to your nearest theatre and must watch this movie.

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