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Next Steve Jobs - iPhone 7

This guy nailed it, Apple a brand that don't believe in building things that a normal person could afford , they build things to show off their capability and what they can do.

This guy introduce iphone 7 which is the latest release from apple. The thing is it don't have a 3.5 mm jack which makes us think is this going to work ?

Well talking about other specs like in 7 plus , it has 2 camera .. which could be a experimental thing as we have seen old phones from other brands was super flop. Other than that , as the company says it is water proof.. i would like to add iphone 6s and 6s+ were also water resistant but was not officially announced.

Lets see how this iphone performs. But for me i guess i will wait, 2017 is going to be the 10th anniversary of Apple , so there is a chance of a good release.

Watch this video and enjoy.

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